Setting up VPN for Windows XP

Step 1. Create the VPN Connection

Click on your Start Button and go open up Control Panel.

If your Control panel looks like this picture please click on "Switch to Classic View".  If not skip this step.

Open Network Connections

Then Click on "Create a New Connection"

This Wizard will appear, click Next to continue.

Choose "Connect to the network at my place"

Select "Virtual Private Network connection"

Type in "(company) VPN" and click next.

Select "Do not dial the initial connection" and click next

Type in "vpn.(company).edu" for the Host Name.

Type in (company) VPN as the Name of the Connection and Choose "Add a shortcut to my desktop" so you can easily connect.

Click Finish.

In the Network and Dial-Up Connections you will see the icon for the VPN connection Right Click on and and choose "Properties".

Choose the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) option and then click Properties.

Click the advanced... Button

Uncheck the "Use default gateway on remote network" checkbox

Step 4. Connect to VPN

Double Click on the Shortcut on you Desktop for (company) VPN.

Type in your (company) Network Login and Password and press Connect.


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